Enjoy access to the
world’s digital wealth

Using an intuitive, mobile-enabled dashboard, Holt’s highly advanced platform gives you access to a digital wallet, investments and security tokens all in one place.

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Isn’t it time you revolutionized your digital finances?
Holt makes it easy

  • Multi-currency wallet

    Multi-currency wallet

  • Manage your Personal and Business accounts

    Manage your Personal and Business accounts

  • Exchange currencies

    Exchange currencies

  • Send money internationally

    Send money internationally

  • Access security tokens and fractionalized assets

    Access security tokens and fractionalized assets

Your world of digital assets
made easy and secure

  • Streamlined ecosystem

    Holt Financial’s intuitive user interface makes performing daily functions such as spending, sending and saving money simple.

  • 24/7 live support

    Benefit from a human touch by chatting with Holt agents live whenever you need a helping hand.

  • Finances on the go

    Of course Holt Financial is mobile enabled, so wherever you take your smartphone, you can access our services.

How Holt enhances your
day-to-day finances

  • Manage Personal and Corporate accounts

    Open a Personal account for you and a Corporate account for your business, then easily link the two. You can even authorize people to transact on your behalf if you need to.

  • Transact with multi-currency prepaid debit cards

    Holt breaks down borders, simplifying foreign exchange transactions around the world with fewer annoying charges and fees.

  • Family friendly

    Holt’s family friendly digital finance features help your children access ‘The Bank of Mom and Dad’ by connecting your accounts. You can load up their debit cards with funds and instantly transfer extra money for those last minute essentials or emergencies.

Holt is home to premier digital financial services

Streamline your spending

Holt enables you to seamlessly transfer money between accounts, exchange currencies, and acquire digital assets.

Security you can rely on

Holt takes the safety of your finances very seriously. That’s why we employ bank-grade security systems to protect your assets from all kinds of potential threats.

Digital asset exchange

Our team is working on delivering a digital exchange solution that is simple to use, powerful, and secure.

Holt opens up the world of
global investing

  • Purchase Tokenized Assets.

  • Participate in investment funds previously inaccessible.

  • Get exposure to foreign assets that are currently out of reach.

  • Freedom to buy fractional portions of shares that would otherwise be unattainable.


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